Monday, June 25, 2012

Animal of the Day

An eight-legged bear dressed in a painter's tarp and sporting a gas mask,
shrunk down to itty-bitty size and sprinkled liberally over the Earth's surface
(especially the wetter parts)

He or She is a Tardigrade, which is fun to say.
It means "slow walker"; Also known as Water Bears, go figure.

Resistant to heat, cold, toxins, dehydration, radiation, pressurization and Outer Space.
Tough little buggers. 


  1. I didn't imagine anything that small would be 'baggy'.


  2. It's difficult to find good tailoring on the scale of micrometers...

    I've been following the "Airship over the Pole" story with innernets-gripping suspense! I hope it's a happy ending.