Monday, April 8, 2013

Lovely Bones

These are a real human femur and part of another one that I found while emptying trash bins at my old job as a janitor in the Health Sciences building at Local State University. This didn't seem like the place for them to be so I took them home with me, where they've been for the past few years. I remembered them the other day while cleaning. A friend who'd enjoy having them will be taking them soon, but in the meantime I'll share them with you. The metal implants are surprisingly heavy, definitely not titanium or any of the newer alloys. The poor decroded-looking one at the top always made me feel sad; I think whoever it lived in must have had a painful gait if they walked at all. The one below it feels smooth, almost as dense as ivory; I think its fracture must have occurred after parting ways from its person.

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