Friday, April 1, 2011

Birds & Beasts

William Blake was kind enough to write a poem for my birth announcement, but also This:
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright,
In the forests of the Night,
What Immortal Hand or Eye
Could frame thy fearful Symmetry?
(capitalization haphazard as always)

This guy was made in MS Paint back when it was called Paintbrush, mostly one pixel at a time. He's an Iguana.

Kiwi's Egg

This Guy was a Wolf hybrid who came to the shelter. We can't adopt out wolf hybrids because they can't be reliably vaccinated for Rabies, but they can be placed with rescue groups or individuals w the necessary permits. I gave him a peppermint every day that I worked. Eventually I got to drive him to a family in Texas, where I hope he is living happily to this day.

The Dandelion

the Softest Sea. These were Great Pyrenees puppies. They came like the tides, back in the old days. All our pets are fixed now.

the Angel of Dog

Tea Party! The big Torti in the middle was one of two that were given up by their owner. The reason listed on their intake: "too much". They were in fact quite large. I called them my Cats of a Muchness.

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