Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recent Doings

A Great Idea
Clothespins to keep the three ends of a braid from entangling. Probably somebody thought of this already but it made me feel clever. It works best like in the picture, with one long and two short. Adjust as needed.

A Thing I Made for Myself
A vest from one of my old baby blankets, a very thin worn fleece(felt?)
lined with satin from a cut-down bridesmaid's dress from the 25cent rack at the resale shop. Sewn entirely by hand, because it was good for my soul. Might add front closures. Bonus points for not including the toilet in this picture. Also, Serious Face.

A Thing I Found
Cardboard backing for a trio of smoke detectors sealed in one of those nearly-impossible-to-open plastic packages. Faces with a beauty mark? Masks to be made.

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