Saturday, May 12, 2012

Many Mothers

  When I was born, the Powers that Be said, "This one's gonna need all the help she can get..."
Some of the most fabulous ladies in all of Creation
aligned themselves to shine in my Life.
This is their Day.
My birthmother is one tough mother.
(she mugged Mr T for those chains)
 At 16 she had the strength and grace to give me her best,
though it meant letting go. She's only 5'4" but she stands proud,
speaks truth & doesn't take crap from anybody. 
Mom was a stunt double for Sally Field.
All those fight scenes & explosions in "The Flying Nun"? That's her. 
 Mom & Dad were living in New Zealand on their Grand Adventure when they adopted me.
He's back there, now. I still live with Mom cuz I'm cool like that. 
And it's good to live with people who love you.
She's been a nurse for 42 years now. Holy. Crap.
my firstest Stepmom, Patricia
She always had a story, and even more exciting, kids. A whole new world opened up, full of adventures and heroes- Robin Hood, Peter Pan, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We weren't all together for very long, but that's how the story goes, sometimes. I'll raise a glass of red Kool-aid and a bologna sandwich in salute to those grand summer days. 
One of my fave photos ever. Look at those cheeks!
The wee Bean, age three days, & Gram Pam.
(she invented graham crackers, ya know)
I should put in here that step- isn't a prefix ever used except to explain the Family Tree & its many branches to those from other parts of the forest. These are all mothers of mine; this Lady was next. 
She had the perfect hands for her work in neonatal ICU, the best words for teaching, the patience for the long and stumbling road that she didn't quite choose in these latest years. 
Catherine the Great
(no relation the famous equestrian, she's a lady proper) 
I went back to New Zealand for the first time a few years ago, to remember it anew, and to read at Dad & Catherine's wedding, "Blessing for a Marriage". I was raised better than to add, I hope he bloody well gets it right this time, but I do hope so. Many Blessings.

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