Thursday, May 31, 2012


Because it's true. 
And 90% of TV is shit.

I can't imagine the shape of my life if the parts I'd found in books were missing.
If there were no heroes's quests, no stories of There and Back Again
TYGER VOYAGE, Richard Adams and Nicola Bayley
If I hadn't found Art tucked in between their pages,
or madwomen's poetry, songs of kindred souls,
I'd have far fewer words to speak.
there are precious few poems floating about in the world
plenty to be found safely bound,
words not to be met anywhere else
 {ebon ichor incarnadine viridian}
Wisdom not spoken aloud :
"Sometimes a man's love is like rich dark chocolate-too much, too cloyingly sweet- and one must away to the wild woods, and eat cold clean rice and clear broth, to avoid being fat with emptiness"(paraphrased badly)

Think of all the stories no-one would tell
without the anonymity of a page,
without the span of attention unfurled between covers
in all the odd moments where one may read.

What a Hell, without Books.

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