Monday, October 8, 2012

Weather Control

Those who were unaware of the extent of my superpowers can file this one next to "Car windows open/Car recently washed" and feel free to try it for yourself.
I can make it rain just by washing all the laundry and hanging it on the clothesline (minimum of 4 loads).
I can make the clouds disperse and the sun appear by taking down all the wet laundry and hauling it to the Launderama to use the dryers (minimum $2.50 in change).

Gave my Mom a tattoo for her Birthday last month.
now we are both badasses
I'm hoping to hear back from my Syrian friend who randomly befriended me via chat. It's been a few days, so he's probably either dead or arrested. We talked about horror movies, Islam, families, work, school, the sorry state of the world. The most poignant thing he said, and profound in the midst of election season here: "I hope one day I will choose my President". I hope so too, friend.

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