Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have nothing new to report

it continues to be dreadfully Hot. it was hot on the trip down to Texas and equally hot on the way back. My driving arm got sunburned: (

I went to the cemetary and made rubbings of my mom's parents headstones. All my rechargeable batteries are now defunct so i cannot take any pictures but they look like this:

         E 6                         ARMY                     BELOVED WIFE
              WORLD WAR II                                      1922 ---1989
Like that. The bronze part of the headstones was so hot i didn't really need to do any rubbing; the crayon melted to the paper in the high relief spots.

I've been giving some thought to Nietzche and his quote
"One must still have Chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing Star"

They say he was rotten through with syphilis but maybe there's some meaning to be found there. Caligula supposedly had it too and he had some great ideas. Like sending the Roman army out to gather seashells. Sounds fun, and there'd be a nice sea breeze.

Planetesimals are a size zmaller than planetoids, which are also called dwarf planets (or plutoids, after erstwhile planet Pluto).

The Japanese word for sponge is tawashi. I think it sounds like to washy which makes it easy to remember. Eco-tawashi means a sponge knitted or crocheted from acrylic yarn. I can make those.

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