Friday, August 12, 2011

Met the Neighbors

So I'm building a House-In-The-Woods, have been working on it for several years. When it's done it will look similar to this:
Minus the greenhouse part, & the door is red w/ pineapples, and it's not tudor, it's sandstone and cinderblock. The windows are made of bottles & there aren't any in front and the roof is not nearly so complete, BUT ANYWAY, it's similar to this.

It is a place to go for taking Space and for making Magic. It's the very biggest thing I've ever built & i'm justifiably proud of it.

So when i got there today and found PEOPLE had been there i was rather upset.
Mind you it is just sitting out there in the middle of the forest, but that's WHY nobody's supposed to go there. Somebody had left big muddy tiretracks in the driveway, and a tiki torch which they won't be getting back. Some of my knick -knacks were moved, AND they'd torn open the big trash bag full of paper-to-burn and burned it in the firepit, probably while sitting in my chair (!).
Could've been worse, but STILL.

SO i snatched up the tiki torch & took myself down the road to where i knew people were and asked what happened & if they'd seen anything.
 "No nothing at all, nary a peep!"

Anyway i left, & soon after that the neighbors came walking down to my house-in-the-woods where i was sitting in My Chair watching paper burning in My Firepit. They each had a Coke & they brought one for me as well. Their names are Zack(the esquire of the neighboring property since his father passed away) and his friend Bill. Their pit bull is named Doobie, interpret that how you will. They wished to reassure me that they hadn't disturbed anything & would keep an eye out for interlopers. I told them i didn't mind people passing through but that there were limits. We compared tattoos, praised the un-Hot weather, discussed Zack's Old Lady whom I had previously met. They informed me I was 'Cool as Hell'.

We'll see.

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